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Haru(OC) by danielxcutter Haru(OC) :icondanielxcutter:danielxcutter 3 3
His Theme - Original Fanmade Lyrics
His Theme - Original Lyrics
So human, this is the end
I must let go of your friends
Just let me sing my song
Though it may be a bit long
But afterwards leave me alone
So that I may atone
It started long ago;
When a human fell below
When I, the heir of the crown
Found the one who fell down
I did what was natural for me
And took them to my family
My parents adopted them
And I got a new friend
Those old times were the best
They were my happiest
No longer was I alone
I had someone to live for
Though my friend had some faults
They held a place in our hearts
So you can imagine the pain
When I became alone again
When my friend painfully died
With us right at their side
My friend, before their death
Told me with their last breath
To take their body and SOUL
So they could be home once more
O friend it still pains me so
Because I didn't know
You were filled with hate inside
You wanted GENOCIDE
When we came from the Underground
They tried to strike the humans down
They attempted to kill
With or w
:icondanielxcutter:danielxcutter 8 6
Undertale - Stronger Than You(Pacifist Run ver.)
※Undertale - Stronger Than You(Pacifist Run)
Howdy! It's your best friend!
Since it's been so long, you won't remember,
So I'll reintroduce myself,
You want your friends back? Well that's fine,
But to do that you'll have to beat me first, or else you'll stay for all time.
I hope that when you lose you won't whine.
Go on, try to kill me with those fancy tools,
I won't attack, but that doesn't make me a fool.
Let's go, this is gonna be fun.
Let's go, just one-on-one.
Go ahead and try to beat me if you're able,
You should know by now that my friendship is stable.
You say that you'll do anything to keep me,
But I don't think that you really want to kill me.
I'll do anything to make you mine,
Even if I have to kill you a thousand times,
I'll just keep FIGHTING,
You'll just keep DYING,
*I have plenty/I'm not scared
o---f LO---VE o---f
LO---VE o---f LO---VE
:icondanielxcutter:danielxcutter 3 1


Get Dunkleosteused On by HEAllbeeCat Get Dunkleosteused On :iconheallbeecat:HEAllbeeCat 3 2 The true hero by Uiya-namie The true hero :iconuiya-namie:Uiya-namie 156 24 LV Frisk in a Nutshell by TwilaHolmes LV Frisk in a Nutshell :icontwilaholmes:TwilaHolmes 23 7 Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness! by TwilaHolmes Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness! :icontwilaholmes:TwilaHolmes 22 15 Net Neutrality KEK Style by paradigm-shifting Net Neutrality KEK Style :iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 7 8
50+ watchers raffle!!!
Hey guys! Another Raffle except this time, there's five slots instead of three.
To enter...
1. you MUST be a watcher (don't watch then un-watch right after the raffle)
2. you must repost this journal
3. comment below saying you want to enter
4. if you win, NO NSFW REQUEST!!
5. good luck!
First place will get a small animation:

Second Place will get a very detailed drawing:

Third place will get a non-shaded picture:

Fourth place will get a colored sketch:

And Fifth Place will get a sketch:

Thank you for 50+ watchers!!<3
:icontwilaholmes:TwilaHolmes 3 19
Down for the Count by JonHoffmanArt Down for the Count :iconjonhoffmanart:JonHoffmanArt 15,787 3,889 oh wow by Panda-Mango oh wow :iconpanda-mango:Panda-Mango 3 10
Graham and the story of GINA
Date 20th April
"My granddaughter Grace has come to visit me over the holiday period. I feel she can be a help and not a hindrance to my plans. She is doing well in school but, what I am working on will be revolutionary and change the way people think and develop. I have been working on projects and experiments to expand and increase brain power. Grace shall be my guinea pig and given it in low doses so no one really notices. Tests on rats, mice and other rodents have been successful."
Each evening, during the meal, Graham put some of his new potion in Graces' drink, and before her bath and bedtime,  he would test her for improvement sometimes the growth would be small, and some would be huge, when they learn parts of a new language like French or Spanish.
Graham even tries teaching her about the moon Cruisthe, and their craters. But this was a failure.
Date 15th May
I see my granddaughter has improved a lot over the short period of time. Learning many things but, sti
:iconwhippetwild:WhippetWild 5 8


Info about Haru's species here:…

Haven't decided much about him yet, except for pronouns.

Still, he's cute, isn't he?

Drawn by Uno(
Aggh! None of them are showing on this computer since yesterday! Does anyone know what could be wrong?


daniel oh
South Korea


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